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Late night & you want a snack and a drink – nothing too fancy, but nothing too boring either. Go to this place. Of you eat meat they do great looking burgers – including a wallaby one that sounded pretty great. If you’re me then have fries for dinner and save room for a luscious dessert.

Start with Moo Brew Porter. Dark beer for a dark night. If you are sharing the staff split it between two glasses which is just lovely.


Tuck into your crispy shoestring fries.


Then a glass of a gently sweet blushing moscato. Again lovely staff split one glass between two. I love sharing, and love places that make it enjoyable.


I wanted to order the ice cream slider on their menu but it was sadly out of stock. Instead they had a salted caramel and chocolate tart. This was really something, a very thick salty caramel and oodles of it on a chocolate short pastry base. Was glad I was sharing, oof!


There is no polite way to eat this.


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The Sinksenfoor is an institution in Antwerp. A giant fair along the Schelde that stays for around 6 weeks each year, indicating for many young and old that Summer is starting.

We visited on the last day this year, meaning that many of the rides and even food stands were substantially discounted – bonus! (other coupons etc for specials can be found here)

The amazing ferris wheel for incredible views over Antwerp.

The Sinkenfoor is also a proper fair in the most important way – RIDES!

There seems to be a lot more fun houses and mirror houses than at similar fairs in Australia. Fun for someone like me who is a total wuss about rides like rollercoasters and pirate ships.

The amusingly named polyp. I wonder what language this actually works in – to me it is more of a medical condition than a ride.

The screaming caused by this ride is pretty universal – no Flemish language skills required.

Time for a short break and a Bitburger.

Last day of the fair means you can get two of these for 2 euros. Cheapest round I’ve bought here so far.








Then to the Desire de Lille stand for a snack.

Here they are making the apple beignets – apple slices in batter fried and then served with a dusting of icing sugar.

For me however a day at the fair means smouteballen!







Smouteballen (also known as olliebollen) are nothing more than a fried, yeasty dough. The inside remains moist and a little chewy, the outside is hot and greasy and the icing sugar always goes everywhere.

It is very tempting to eat these immediately but letting them cool down a little is advised, if difficult.

8 smouteballen for 4 euros – share between two.






One last look at the sideshow alley games – almost tempted by these Barbapapa plushies but suspect they would not fit in my check in luggage to head home.



More information:

Sinksenfoor – official website

Vlaamsekaai, Antwerpen

Open weekdays and Sundays from 2-3pm till midnight

26 May 2012 – 1 July 2012

Open Friday and Saturday night from 2-3 pm till 1am.

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