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The ferry to MONA is such a lovely and picturesque start to the day that you can’t help but expect great things. I recommend pre-booking as some ferries sell out. The 9.30am one worked well for us.



Cute but not perhaps overly comfortable seating on the ferry.



Sexy ferry is sexy.



There’s art of course. An amazing collection. And most of it thankfully unphotographable. Nothing between you and the experience except..


… your oPod. Each museum entrant gets one of these and a set of earphones. It guides you through and provides background, music and observations on the art. I did my first circuit of the gallery without it which was great – just looking and enjoying the art without giving a damn who did it. Then second time I looked at the guide to get a sense of how the collection fit together, and why David Walsh collected what he did.



We played ping pong too. Easier than it might seem, despite the pitfalls.



Lunch at the museum cafe seemed the go. Lovely view and nice and chilled outside area.



There were two salads of the day so I got both. Delicious!



Rooster friend came by for a chat. He was later escorted off the premises by a security guard. Tasmania really is its own world.



We prefaced the final round of the galleries with a Lark whisky from the subterranean bar. The perfect match for a museum all about darkness.



On Saturday we did something I think there should be far more of – we went on a long walk with nowhere particular in mind. Across the Harbour Bridge, round and about Blues Point eventually arriving totally by accident at the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability.


I can’t believe I grew up on the north side and had no idea this place existed. It is totally rad. Amazing views in a hodge podge of old buildings and with the tunnel of the coal loader open to wander through.

Until the end of this weekend it will be showing the North Sydney Art Prize. You should go, lots of fun art outside and inside in a lovely setting. We also scored free wine but that might not permanently be on offer – there is however a cute cafe.

Walking through the spooky coal loader tunnel was the highlight.

But the art was pretty great too, love these little worms.


These brass seedlings in pomegranate pots were quite sweet too.


And what’s not to love about this!?


If you have spare time this weekend I would definitely recommend this. If you don’t then add it to the diary for next year?

Middelheim Museum is an outdoor sculpture park not far from Antwerp city. Entry is free, but note that it is closed on Mondays.

You could spend a whole day or more exploring the art in the park, there is genuinely ‘something for everyone’ from hyper-modernist work, to old school traditional sculpture.

The 21 or 32 from Berchem Station will get you there, or even better go on a bike. This is Belgium so there is of course a cafe in the grounds. Stop for a borreltje of jenever and a cheesy snack.

Middelheim Entry














Oh no, this is the wurst!

Park Spoor Noord is an example of urban renewal done well. As so often happens, a visionary but divisive mayor is responsible. The outcome is that an abandoned railway yard in a rough part of town has been turned into a beautiful park that is changing the neighbourhood around it. Go there on a sunny day, play in the fountains and lounge on the artificial beach.

There is of course a bar (we are in Belgium after all), but of note is the only healthy vending machine I have ever seen in my life. Fruit, yoghurt, cherry tomatoes and more – wish we had one of these at my work..

Healthy vending machine




There is a gallery at Park Spoor Noord that is a converted hangar of some sort. When I went they were showing the amazing PIETAS by Jan Fabre. Marble brains and a pieta with carved insects crawling all over them – and the golden base that you needed to wear special slippers to wander about on. Quite an incredible exhibition.

Jan Fabre

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