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So technically it wasn’t a “flight” but there were a bunch on the menu and it did drink them in order.

So good! Hendricks was unsurprisingly the fave, but all were tasty & garnishes really brought out the botanicals. Would drink again.





Bonus beer from Brooklyn – DS said it was delicious.



Post sunset beach swims on a brisk day a visit to Chat Thai Randwick will warm you right up and fuel you for the trip home.


todt mun goong: Plump juicy prawn cakes in panko type crumbs fried until super crunchy. Could have been more strongly spiced though, and sweet chilli sauce & I are still not really very close.


som dtum – always wonderful, fresh, spicy and with tiny chewy dried shrimps throughout.


gaeng keaw louk chin bpla gaia – green curry with house-made fish dumplings and apple eggplants. This was utterly wonderful, dense and tasty fish dumplings in a deep rich sauce with crunchy quartered apple eggplants.

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Bang Bang is kind of out of the way for me. It’s never on the way to something, but is worth the detour to visit.

Cute interiors, good coffee and a monster vegetarian breakfast (for the princely sum of $17).




This Let’s Do lunch was advertised as follows: Choose from lamb a la dolce vita; lamb shoulder, sweet potato, plum and early grey tea or No Animals were harmed; gnocchi, celeriac, carrot and beetroot.

That’s not exactly what we had on the day, but it was still wonderful.

First two tiny white pastilles on the table were rehydrated into hand towels. They got there just in time, DS was hungry and looked set to eat one of them – thinking, or perhaps just hoping, that it was just a very dry mint.


Gorgeously presented butter.


And the bread that accompanied it (or should that be the other way around?)


Amuse bouche of Green Apple, borage flours, crab and crumbs. Lovely jellied orbs, though an odd choice with vegetarian main.


Brown Brothers wine. Fine but nothing exciting.


Vegetarian option was this wonderful wild mushroom risotto with asparagus. So many great deep flavours, gorgeously tender rice and peppery micro greens.


DS adored his lamb – and so pretty!


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For the amount of coastline this city has it often amazes me how few places there are with water views. There are some of course but many are expensive or for tourists or both.

The Bird and Bear Boathouse is neither. It’s a perfect summer early brunch spot – as good as having your own boat really.


Isn’t that just a lovely sight?


The view from my table was a little distracting, this is why I didn’t finish the cryptic (and DS does super hard clues).


Post brekkie kayak anyone?


They serve T2 teas (bags) and great coffee.


Unfortunately due to some renovations the kitchen is currently closed. In the meantime there are pastries to be had, and muffins and stuff but frankly who orders a muffin when there are enormous almond croissants? These were actually surprisingly good, with tons of crunchy almonds and marzipan like paste.


The healthier option was the bircher – studded with pepitas and other seeds, topped with a creamy yoghurt and mixed berries (from frozen).

Bird and Bear Boathouse on Urbanspoon

Definitely missed to boat on this place. It’s been around for ages but I only spotted it recently – it’s on a bit of Sussex Street I just don’t walk down generally – but glad I finally did.

I wanted the bento which at $14.90 and with tons of sides looked great, but sadly they were sold out. Instead got some Japanese spaghetti and a couple of smaller dishes to share.

The agedashi tofu was wonderful, three giant pieces with lots of great sauce and crispy coating.


The seafood salad was pretty big, could eat this as a whole meal. Good dressing and generous serves of chopped salmon and tuna and mayonnaise. Modern Japanese for sure, but so tasty.

My dad went wild for these gyoza – not often you get vegetarian gyoza in Sydney so I was happy and the super crunchy outsides were really wonderful.


This was the best though –


First thing you notice is that this place is grey. I mean GREY. Such a pared back design, but it works – it’s simple and not ostentatious. Soon you stop noticing and appreciate the calmness of the space, and the good distance between tables etc. Some tables are darker than others, some are directly under lighting. Of course we were in a pool of black, so please excuse the quality of these pictures!

First course was “snacks”. I love snacks. I also love the extra bang you get from courses made up of little exciting nibbles.

Crisp with Desiree foam, caper & coffee dust (meat eater version had chicken skin – apparently going for the chips & chicken salt flavour). Potato foam kind of sounds like it’s not going to taste of anything but this had a lovely salty earthy flavour.


Carrot with dried prawn floss was simple and crunchy with the carrot still raw and great salty umaminess from the prawn floss.

Rye taco with sticky rice & buttered egg. This was in my top 3 favourite courses. The waiter presented it as a homage to the former restaurant on this site Cafe Pacifico. I felt like this shouldn’t work – I mean a taco with sticky rice & egg? but by whiz it was amazing – so creamy and with the slight sourness of the rye.


Homemade Finnish rye bread sticky with molasses and served with house churned cultured butter. Delicious.


Bonito with chives and rye, pickle, cracker.

The bonito was gently cured, and studded with poached rye grains – lovely to have the nuttiness of the grains with the meaty fish. Great lacto fermented pickle too with a tiny dot of concentrated pickle sauce.


Lamb tartare (eggplant in my case) with togorashi and smoked capsicum. This was just stellar. Amusingly the vego and meat versions looked practically identical, almost double checked with the waiter. The silky eggplant matched perfectly with the gently spicy togorashi and the crunch flakes of red capsicum.


Roast cabbage Meyer lemon butter mussels cavolo nero dust and pomelo. The only difference between my version and the regular one was that the regular one had bone marrow. This was maybe our favourite dish. Sweet rich curled leaves of the roasted cabbage, tiny sour jewels of pomelo, the tiny mussels hidden in there were tender and salty and the cavolo dust just made it all taste verdant and fresh. Meyer lemon butter perfectly tempered some of the richness of the cabbage.


Dory fillet with mustard & spinach paper, anchovy foam, spinach foam, mustard seeds – this was the pescetarian alternative to the “photato” – below. The fish was a surprisingly large fillet pan fried in butter, finished with spinach and mustard paper which were both interesting, though kind of paper textured.


The meat eater’s version was the “photato” with potato noodles, wagyu fillet and grilled Meyer lemon. The boy made many appreciative noises about the mushrooms and crunchy potato particularly.


Licorice, carrot & yoghurt – another top 3 dish. This was the first of the sweet dishes and was a licorice flavoured cake at the base, a quenelle of carrot sorbet which was then wrapped in a yoghurt and sour cream mixture that had been whipped to make it just that bit lighter. The effect when cut in half was like an egg on rye toast. The different textures and temperatures were just perfect.


Chocolate mousse malt ball, parsley granita with candied parsley & banana. Second dessert course was also amazing, giant ball of a heavy but shiny chocolate mousse rolled in malt on top of a banana puree with fresh green pull of parsley lifting it all and tying it together.


Then the hilarious buttered corn floss – a sight so appealing that fingers snuck in to grab some before I could take even one of my dodgy photos!


The final snack I managed to miss photographing entirely – the boy had a pork rind dusted with fennel and covered in chocolate, I got a sweet little chocolate koala filled with eucalyptus caramel.

All in all – magnificent. Service was fantastic, and at only $85 a pop this is possibly the best value degustation in Sydney AND one of the tastiest. This restaurant is a one year pop up so get in while you can.

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