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Running cities other than your own can be an unnerving experience where your internal compass is out of action after a few turns. Luckily my fruit phone can lead me back to home base but I often favour an out and back to avoid getting too lost.

Early morning Melbourne is perfect for a run, the city is slow to wake on weekend so you have the streets to yourself a fair bit. If you’re like me you will also have gorged on delicious cheeses & things and will really feel like a run.

I ran from Collingwood to the Yarra River Trail and then backtracked – ended up being about a 12km out and back, perfectly flat and gorgeously crisp.

Hot air balloons in the distance were a lovely surprise.


Running by the Yarra – not pictured are the rowers gliding along the water looking very cold. This trail is quite windy so easy to get decent distances without ending too far from home.


Gorgeous little bridge.


Incidental benefit is seeing some of these great painted traffic signal boxes that reminded me of the ones we have over here in Paddington/Woollahra.


I concur with the hobbits on the vital need for second breakfast. Sometimes there is even need for a third breakfast. On this particular chilly morning in Melbourne though I kept it to two.

First at the lovely Min Lokal where rather wonderfully there were 4 vegetarian savoury breakfast options – highly unusual.


It’s an unassuming little place and pleasantly uncrowded even in peak Melbourne weekend hours, but nice and cosy with a cute courtyard (for braver souls than me in this weather!).

I had poached eggs with fried mushrooms, ricotta and truffle oil. The perfectly meaty mushrooms and gently golden ricotta were lovely, oozy poached eggs & divine little walnut crunchies and shredded basil ribbons added colour and texture.

Then another little wander and we were at Dench Bakers. Hard to choose out of such a gorgeous selection..


.. but the coque Suisse was calling to me. It was the best I have ever had, flaky buttery pastry with mountains of plump sultanas inside, and caramelised ones on the edges. Would eat again, every day if I could!


Min Lokal
Address: 422 George St, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Phone:(03) 9417 0333

Dench Bakers
Address: 109 Scotchmer St, Fitzroy North VIC 3065
Phone:(03) 9403 5333

I love food shopping – particularly for specialty things, spices and herbs, pickled vegetables, sauces, fake meats and more. It’s frivolous because really “do I *need* a tube of Harissa?” but practical because hey, it’s food and I will eat it.

Gewurzhaus in Melbourne is lots of fun for this, it’s a spice shop, but so much more.

Wonders include:
Hot chocolate mixes
Gingerbread & mulled wine spices
Curry spices & blends
Every kind of salt ever
Marinade blends
Flavoured sugars
Loose leaf teas
Gorgeous tableware & spice accessories
Bacon candy
Stone ground Mexican vegan chocolate

Black lava salt. Amazing.

20130625-093847.jpgBacon candies sound gross but gumballs is a new low. Great stocking fillers though..

20130625-093907.jpg Ground chocolate – we tried 3 just to be sure. Delicious, though the graininess took some getting used to.

We bought “Bratkartoffel” spice – package said to fry it up with butter, potatoes and onions. We did, and it was amazing.

342 Lygon Street
Carlton VIC 3053
tel:+61 3 9023 1028


Easily my favourite cafe in Melbourne is the wonderful mina no ie in Collingwood.

This Japanese inspired place is sister of the also gorgeous Cibi in Collingwood. Cibi also sells homewares but mina is just a really simple, gorgeously sunny place with an open kitchen.

Their sencha tea is lovely, but Bonsoy flat white was impossible to pass up. Fabulous coffee.


Their baked eggs with sweet miso and eggplant and pumpkin and provolone are the stuff of dreams. Sweet and creamy and salty. Possibly the best breakfast in the world.


Lunch menu starts at 11:30 am.

mina no ie
33 Peel Street
Collingwood VIC

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