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I have had Izakaya Fujiyama on my to-eat list FOREVER. Ok, well at least for a few years since it opened. I love the move towards izakayas in Australia and the new Japanese offerings they are bringing to us. Safe to say we were not disappointed and that this might be one of my favourite new places in Sydney.

Sharing restaurants are tricky, so much depends on who you are with and what they like to eat. On this occasion my law school buddies and I matched well – mainly vego but happy to nibble some sustainable fish. You could definitely go all vego here and be happy though.

Super cute place on the still hot Waterloo Street in Surry Hills. Apparently the place next door is terrible though, so don’t go there!


Mmmm tsukemono – pickles are my favourite and these were very good, clearly done in house.


Then tried the trick of ordering the tamagoyaki, according to this book I read this is the way to tell if you have a good sushi chef. It was delicious so I guess IF passed that one!


Then the Japanese fried potato (deep fried spiced taro $6). I had no idea what these were going to look like when they came to the table – had clearly been dusted with Shichimi tōgarashi. Very interesting texture, somehow a bit more gelatinous than expected, but super tasty.


Then the vego staple Agedashi tofu (Deep fried tofu, braised shitake mushrooms with okra $13.50). My dining companions remarked that okra was now the new ‘thing’ as it is on every menu everywhere. Either way – yum!


Another vego staple in the vegetable tempura (Assorted tempura vegetables $15) – this was good but being all winter vegetables was not my favourite ever. I do like that it’s seasonal though.


Then the delicious mackerel (Grilled mackerel tossed with grated daikon and soy $13.5)- my favourite fish and one that is generally considered pretty sustainable (depends on species though).

We almost didn’t get dessert, I now understand what a mistake this would have been. Behold the FUJIYAMA Snickers (‘Get some Nuts’ Peanut butter cake, chocolate custard, Salted caramel ice-cream and peanuts $13.50). The only thing wrong with this was that I had to share.



Takes bookings for Monday to Wednesday only

Izakaya Fujuyama

Shop G09, 38-52 Waterloo Street

Surry Hills NSW 2010

02 9698 2797

Izakaya Fujiyama on Urbanspoon


Japanese rice balls – onigiri – are my favourite snack in the whole world. If it was up to me all those places doing sushi rolls would be forced to also sell onigiri. They feature heavily in Japanese TV and movies – Cutie Honey refuels her powers using them, and Tadokoro Sachiko in Boss eats them almost every episode. In the Tokyo Marathon not only was the most popular costume with the crowd the onigiri hat (with swathes of people chanting o-ni-gi-ri! as he ran past) but some people also gave out salty onigiri as fuel on the course.

Fresh and sticky with no need for soy sauce they can be wrapped with crunchy seaweed, or nothing at all. Some are filled, but my favourites have just some flavouring mixed through, either shiso or japanese purple basil or shiitake mushrooms are all good.
In Sydney so far I have two go to places. Love to hear about any others!

The Japanese Konbini behind Woolworths at Town Hall – homemade and nicely salty. Only a small amount available every day. Flavour here is Japanese purple basil. Around $2 depending on filling.





Middle level of Hunter Connection – Ooh, Rice! Lots of choice of fillings, crunchy nori – Japanese basil flavour again (but tried shiitake too which was delicious) $2.50 each.




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