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A visit to noma has been a dream for a long time. Securing a table was a months in advance kind of endeavour. The meal itself took pretty much all day. Seriously, we were there for HOURS.

It was also the best meal of my entire life. The hype was totally lived up to, and exceeded. Words and pictures both fail to capture how magic this experience was. The live prawn I would perhaps pass on next time, but was quite pleased with myself for eating *pats self on back*

Some morsels below, for more complete pictures check foodspotting.

Below in order:

– edible flower arrangement with deep fried reindeer moss dusted with porcini powder

– slow roast carrots with sorrel emulsion

– dessert of red oxalis, milk, Norwegian cheese

– caramel “bone marrow”

Edible table ornaments photo 2 photo 3 photo 4





The food in Denmark is pretty universally amazing. I didn’t think however that one of the best things I would eat there would be a pizza.

Behold the lovely and charming Mother which is just a 5 minute walk from Copenhagen central stationPizza at Mother. It’s in a sweet area so definitely scope for a pre or post dinner beverage.

Behold this lovely pizza bianca. Buffalo mozzarella, perfect salty anchovies, and a crust with just enough chewiness to bring it all together. Heaven.

Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is a nice day trip from Antwerp – about an hour and a bit drive, and the gorgeous flat lands of the Netherlands greet you. It sounds a bit like it should be in Belgium with the Vlaanderen and all, but is very Dutch.

This region is like a series of almost islands – little jutting bits of land connected by some very long bridges. On the way up we stopped in to Goes where there was a church with an exhibition of hand embroidered cloths. Many of them told stories of the year or special occasions. Surprisingly lovely.

Dutch Embroidered cloths













Then it was on to charming Zierikzee for that traditional Dutch pasttime – sitting on the side of a canal and watching the lovely old sail boats.













And what trip is complete without a snackeroo? Some fresh cockles and a glass of wine at Brasserie Maritime on the water sure hit the spot. And yes, this is one of the Benelux countries so that is mayonnaise on top. LOVE. Cockles

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