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Every Sunday is long run day – minimum 10km, max up to 40 in marathon training.

10km is easy, run to Centennial Park, run a loop, run home. 24km is easy too, run to La Perouse, then back.

This week was 16km so I ran the first bit of the City2Surf, cut up past Rose Bay golf course, then Centennial loop & home.

Definitely felt the two boozy days I had before this, but still made it.

Post run nuts & fruit & water, then green mango salad for dinner with coconut oil fried enoki & shallots & a fried egg on top.






Hobart was a lovely place to run, great water and hill views, nice trails too. Downside though was lots of hills, and that usual slight confusion of not knowing exactly where to run in a strange city.

Running while travelling is one of life’s great joys – the best sport ever and a great sightseeing opportunity.

We went for a lovely run on a Friday morning taking in the Derwent River, the Queens Domain and the Botanic Gardens. Approximate track (and the way I will go next time) is below.



Hanging in a field just next to Government House.



Waterfront trail. Lots of birdlife on the river, and I spotted a very nice little falcon who came worryingly close.

Hobart Visitor Lap

4 May 2013 was the second ever Nike She Runs the Night in Sydney. The race last year was 13km but was brought down to an even 10km with an adjusted course that was thankfully less like running spaghetti than the 2012 course.

The race packs for the event had to be collected in person a few days before the event from the Nike She Runs pop up store near the Broadway Shopping Centre –  convenient for me, but not that easy for people outside Sydney. Race entry is relatively steep at $85 but does include a quite swish top, and a metal water bottle at the end of the race. Useful race goodies are the best! Enough medals and shoe bags already. You could also pay $195.00 which would have included race entry, the singlet or tee and a pair of new shoes.  which will get you a top and a choice between three different pairs of shoes – cheap way of getting new runners if Nikes work for you.


There were three pace group based starts and you self allocated into them with fastest being cheetah, next being lioness, and slower being tigress. I chose the cheetah which seemed overly optimistic, but ended up working out quite well.

This is only the third night race I have run, it’s hard to work out your fuelling and getting ready strategy but I found a late lunch then an afternoon english muffin with banana and PB hit the spot nicely.

The set up in Centennial Park was pretty impressive, the shirts glowing in the dark, the lights everywhere guiding you to the bag drop and stage area and the brightly lit tunnels set up for pre-race selfies. Bag check worked smoothly with paper wrist bands allocated with numbers to identify bags. All runners had wrist bands that flashed when it was your group’s turn to head to the start – no bibs either, just shoe tags. The Late Minute stand had hair ties and glow sticks and other handy things you might need before the race.


The run itself was pretty smooth, not much of a crowd about, relatively regular water and gatorade stations. Most of the course was bright enough to see where you were going and avoid any trip hazards, there is also a kind of magic about running through a park at night with thousands of other women. The course decorations of giant flares, fairy lights and fields of glowing dots were pretty great too. Image

Time ended up being a PB – first time I’ve run a 10km race though so this was guaranteed! The lovely Veggie Patch Van at the finish for a vegan burger was the icing on the cake. Image

Running cities other than your own can be an unnerving experience where your internal compass is out of action after a few turns. Luckily my fruit phone can lead me back to home base but I often favour an out and back to avoid getting too lost.

Early morning Melbourne is perfect for a run, the city is slow to wake on weekend so you have the streets to yourself a fair bit. If you’re like me you will also have gorged on delicious cheeses & things and will really feel like a run.

I ran from Collingwood to the Yarra River Trail and then backtracked – ended up being about a 12km out and back, perfectly flat and gorgeously crisp.

Hot air balloons in the distance were a lovely surprise.


Running by the Yarra – not pictured are the rowers gliding along the water looking very cold. This trail is quite windy so easy to get decent distances without ending too far from home.


Gorgeous little bridge.


Incidental benefit is seeing some of these great painted traffic signal boxes that reminded me of the ones we have over here in Paddington/Woollahra.


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