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Hella cute little fit out at this lovely little cafe. Only open weekdays though, a trap for rookie Hobart visitors.


The menu is hiding inside these books.


Great coffee, black as night, rich but unburned and served with souvenir spoons.


The boyo loved his latte too.


Scrambled eggs with rhubarb relish. Love the idea of savoury rhubarb options, gorgeous tart contrast.


Mushroom brothers – seasoned with garlic and dark soy. Delicious and sweet.

Next time would come back for lunch – menu looks wonderful!


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The ferry to MONA is such a lovely and picturesque start to the day that you can’t help but expect great things. I recommend pre-booking as some ferries sell out. The 9.30am one worked well for us.



Cute but not perhaps overly comfortable seating on the ferry.



Sexy ferry is sexy.



There’s art of course. An amazing collection. And most of it thankfully unphotographable. Nothing between you and the experience except..


… your oPod. Each museum entrant gets one of these and a set of earphones. It guides you through and provides background, music and observations on the art. I did my first circuit of the gallery without it which was great – just looking and enjoying the art without giving a damn who did it. Then second time I looked at the guide to get a sense of how the collection fit together, and why David Walsh collected what he did.



We played ping pong too. Easier than it might seem, despite the pitfalls.



Lunch at the museum cafe seemed the go. Lovely view and nice and chilled outside area.



There were two salads of the day so I got both. Delicious!



Rooster friend came by for a chat. He was later escorted off the premises by a security guard. Tasmania really is its own world.



We prefaced the final round of the galleries with a Lark whisky from the subterranean bar. The perfect match for a museum all about darkness.


It’s pretty special when visiting a new town to get the chance, without obscene amounts of forward planning, to eat at one of their loveliest restaurants. We were lucky with Garagistes, popped by around 6.30 and got on the list for a 9pm table – perfect timing in my opinion.

Lovely little nibbles to start, herby yoghurt, pickled beet greens, radish and heirloom carrot.

amuse bouche







They do either a 3 or a 5 course menu. We asked for the vegetarian menu (obviously) and then had a long debate over how to deal with the fact I wanted the 3 course and he wanted the 5. Thankfully we asked the wonderful service staff and it was no problem to meet halfway and get four courses each – making it possible to try everything on both menus – score!

poached duck egg with brassicas, fried saltbush and chrysanthemum. The guts of serving raw cauli and broccoli convinced me this was a place for me.


tartare of jerusalem artichoke with stinging nettles, pinenut emulsion and golden garlic. Those are fried pieces of jerusachoke skin on top there, wonderful.


florence fennel with cacioricotta and perpetual spinach. This was the boys favourite, fennel done perfectly with great complementary flavours and textures.


braised poitou leeks, buckwheat lettuce sauce and chrysanthemums. Tiny sweet leeks offset with creamy sauce and slightly wilted gently bitter lettuce.  This was my favourite course.


kunzea parfait, sunchoke butterscotch, puffed buckwheat, black garlic and chocolate. This was the least sweet dessert I have had, not bad though – the restraint on the sweetness let the depth of flavour really come through. Surprising but lovely.



salt and vinegar mille feuille, forced rhubarb, strawberry sorbet – a more traditional dessert, if you can really say that of anything at this place. The citrus tang of the rhubarb was great, very in favour of more sour or savoury options for rhubarb.


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Big touristy markets aren’t really my thing. They tend to be full of knick knacks, expensive ‘antiques’ & dodgy cheap clothes where I prefer fresh foods, books and proper old junk for someone’s grandad’s basement..

Salamanca does however have some charming sides.

Lots of lovely apples – these Brazils for instance which are apparently related to Fujis. Crisp and sweet.


I read about the Hmong vegetable stalls in the wonderful Hobart that I read while there. Nice to see some great veggies even in a touristy market. Particularly enjoyed all the herbs & greens presented root side up – looked like it kept them very fresh, nifty!

These lovely semi-hemispheres of natural fruit rollups were pretty great too. Bought one for camping later in the week and it was lovely.

Mmm scallop pizza. At $8 a slice a bit steep but still looked great.

And finally and a bit surprisingly oliebollen! Last time I had these was in Antwerp at the Sinksenfoor in July 2012. Unlike those ones however these had fruit in them, apples and sultanas and more.

Delicious little snack!


This place came recommended by twitter buddies and had some interesting spots on Foodspotting. It’s also perfectly located for a brunch before visiting Salamanca Markets (which I will discuss in a future post – suffice to say that though it had some lovely things, it is definitely not Hobart’s best market).

Started with a table menu supplemented with this impressive list of specials – some of which I believe are on the menu most of the time, others which come and go). 20131008-224612.jpg
First things first though – cappuccino. Good coffee. 20131008-224720.jpg
Green tea for me, always nice to have leaf tea rather than bags.
And this is why we came here – scrambled eggs wrapped in smoked salmon served on a Danish. Possibly not super healthy but boy what a combo! The Danish maintained structure and provided pleasing flakiness.
These were pre-prepared in the cabinet, them heated up for orders. Mercifully (miraculously even) the eggs were still nicely oozy and moist.
Breakfast was a large brioche bun filled till bursting with crème pâtisserie and topped with fresh raspberries. Decadent and delicious as you can maybe tell by my face here.
A visit to the toilets takes you past this gorgeous old industrial mixer and the other machine below whose function I couldn’t quite work out..
The cabinet had other gorgeous things too which would definitely call me back for a lunchtime visit next time!

Particularly this one – how good does this sound?
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Late night & you want a snack and a drink – nothing too fancy, but nothing too boring either. Go to this place. Of you eat meat they do great looking burgers – including a wallaby one that sounded pretty great. If you’re me then have fries for dinner and save room for a luscious dessert.

Start with Moo Brew Porter. Dark beer for a dark night. If you are sharing the staff split it between two glasses which is just lovely.


Tuck into your crispy shoestring fries.


Then a glass of a gently sweet blushing moscato. Again lovely staff split one glass between two. I love sharing, and love places that make it enjoyable.


I wanted to order the ice cream slider on their menu but it was sadly out of stock. Instead they had a salted caramel and chocolate tart. This was really something, a very thick salty caramel and oodles of it on a chocolate short pastry base. Was glad I was sharing, oof!


There is no polite way to eat this.


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Apparently this is the place most people come wait for a table at Garagistes just around the corner. It is however a wonderful destination in itself, lovely wine & beer list and gorgeous plates around the $15 mark perfect for sharing and with great big flavours and excellent technique.

All seats are basically at the bar meaning a great opportunity to watch your food coming together, and chat with the very lovely staff.

Gnudi – smooth and rich like the inside of ravioli. Crispy fried saltbush.


Clams with fried bread. This was just incredible, clams pulled out of the ocean less than 24 hours before with silky smooth sweet onions and deep fried brioche.


Heirloom carrots with burnt butter yoghurt. Golden crunchy flakes of garlic – sweet and crunchy.


Their wine list was also just marvelous, trust the staff recommendations – they know their stuff.

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