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Every Saturday and Sunday as well as the wonderful Vogelmarkt being on there is also the less well-known Sjacherbeurs. A kind of flea and junk market, held in a carpark just off the square where the market is held.

This is the place for bargain hunting and the kind of souvenirs that are not only not sold in normal shops, but often probably not allowed through customs.They even sell vintage pr0n videos for the out of date perverts out there..

How about some super creepy traditional Flemish puppets for the young person in your life who needs some assistance with a subject for their nightmares?

This cheeky stuffed squirrel is sure to delight the animal lover in your life and/or get you on that show about customs at Australian airports.

Great selection of viewfinders and photowheels. Good selection of old school Disney ones as well as ones featuring stories from the Bible.

More information:

Official website Sjacherbeurs

Oude Vaartplaats, Antwerp

Saturday 10am to 4pm

Sunday 9am to 4pm

Entry cost is 1.50 euros

There is a cheap cafe inside if you want a cup of filter coffee and to soak up the atmosphere.

There is also a toilet inside that will set you back 40c.

As this is at the same site as the Vogelmarkt why not do them both?

For other similar markets in Belgium see here.


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