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Winter weekends in the Mountains are a given – crisp skies for perfect bushwalking and cosy little pubs with open fires for afterwards.

Perusing twitter before a planned weekend around Katoomba and Leura I was thrilled to find notice of a proper farmers market on the way. I say proper because there seem to be a proliferation of “farmers markets” – like the one in the Rocks in Sydney for instance – where the only produce present is olives and jars of jam. Condiments do not a farmers market make!

The market at Glenbrook Infants School was not big but it ticked all the boxes, nice produce, good variety at reasonable prices and some special finds. Trust the twitter brains trust to come through with the delicious goods.


The wattle was out, awww.


Golden baby beetroots here were particularly lovely (if not that cheap!), they’re still a relatively rare sight in Sydney.


And look at this beautiful purple lacy kale. Almost worthy of going into a vase.


This particular baked goods stall was wonderful and obscenely cheap – I got the pecan pie pictured below from here for the princely sum of $2.00. They were selling “Belgian Lemon Teacake” which as a Belgian I am quite sure is not a thing – having never seen it there but which I am sure would go down a treat with my grandmother.


This goats cheese was fabulous too, really nice selection of curds and cheeses. I also got to see pictures and videos of the goats playing about at home courtesy the nice guy running the stall, his teenaged daughter was mortified of course. Adorable.


The pecan pie-let. One of the best $2 I have ever spent. *swoon*



Definitely worth a visit if you’re heading into the Mountains – grab some apples and cheese and nice bread and maybe a little pecan pie for morning tea!

Sometimes you need to make a sweet treat for work or a picnic and you want something super simple, very easily portable (particularly if you live in a tiny apartment like me and have no cupboard space for cupcake carriers and their ilk) and delicious.

You could take fruit, and 90% of the time that would be my go-to, but sometimes fruit just ain’t going to cut it!

On such occasions I make chocolate spiders. They are like a better version of chocolate crackles and don’t involve copha, because frankly that stuff is creepy. The darker chocolate and pure PB make these a little healthier than they might otherwise be.. (though the ingredients in the noodles are a bit scary)

Chocolate spiders

You will need:


  1. Melt chocolate and PB in a bowl over a pot of hot water (or in a microwave if you have one).
  2. Add noodles and stir (you may also want to add some salt or chilli powder to spice things up).
  3. Spoon mix into patty pans or baking paper if preferred then refrigerate till set – about an hour at least.
  4. If you take them to a picnic make sure you are fast and have one before everyone else eats them!

I have no idea how long they would last but they have never ‘lasted’ longer than a day in my house.

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