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This place came recommended by twitter buddies and had some interesting spots on Foodspotting. It’s also perfectly located for a brunch before visiting Salamanca Markets (which I will discuss in a future post – suffice to say that though it had some lovely things, it is definitely not Hobart’s best market).

Started with a table menu supplemented with this impressive list of specials – some of which I believe are on the menu most of the time, others which come and go). 20131008-224612.jpg
First things first though – cappuccino. Good coffee. 20131008-224720.jpg
Green tea for me, always nice to have leaf tea rather than bags.
And this is why we came here – scrambled eggs wrapped in smoked salmon served on a Danish. Possibly not super healthy but boy what a combo! The Danish maintained structure and provided pleasing flakiness.
These were pre-prepared in the cabinet, them heated up for orders. Mercifully (miraculously even) the eggs were still nicely oozy and moist.
Breakfast was a large brioche bun filled till bursting with crème pâtisserie and topped with fresh raspberries. Decadent and delicious as you can maybe tell by my face here.
A visit to the toilets takes you past this gorgeous old industrial mixer and the other machine below whose function I couldn’t quite work out..
The cabinet had other gorgeous things too which would definitely call me back for a lunchtime visit next time!

Particularly this one – how good does this sound?
Jackman & McRoss Bakeries on Urbanspoon


Another day another onigiri. Gave in to another Japanese lunchtime craving & hit up Hunter Connection for a salmon don and some onigiri. Freshly cooked, super generous serve of fish and perfect fluffy sweet white rice.

Pretty great value too – salmon don and miso for $9.80, onigiri $2.50 and a can of unsweetened green tea for $1.50z






20130918-140712.jpg They also have lots of very cheap options – plain udon from $4.50, small teriyaki tofu don for $4.50 Japanese curry with rice for $5.50.

Ooh Rice!? on Urbanspoon

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