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Hella cute little fit out at this lovely little cafe. Only open weekdays though, a trap for rookie Hobart visitors.


The menu is hiding inside these books.


Great coffee, black as night, rich but unburned and served with souvenir spoons.


The boyo loved his latte too.


Scrambled eggs with rhubarb relish. Love the idea of savoury rhubarb options, gorgeous tart contrast.


Mushroom brothers – seasoned with garlic and dark soy. Delicious and sweet.

Next time would come back for lunch – menu looks wonderful!


Shoebox Cafe on Urbanspoon

Shakshuka is all the rage right now. The next hip breakfast thing. Which is good, because corn cakes and bircher had their fair share of time. Also good because it’s healthy and generally vegetarian friendly.

Three group espresso on Darlinghurst Road is a tiny little place – 4 tables with a seat on each side. Most of their traffic is in the coffee takeaways but I personally think the people who choose not to duck inside are missing out.

As well as coffee they do this. It is called an LSD – latte soy dandelion. If you see something like this on a menu you practically have to order it. Was nice, kind of like a latte, but a bit sweeter and less coffee-ish.


Here’s the proper business though. Just lovely – strong and rounded and a tiny smidge burnt.


I go to this place so often here is shakshuka from 2 seperate occasions. Only difference is one time I got multigrain baguette, and white the other.

They only have the one kind of shakshuka – with onions, tomato and capsicum and served with a whole loaf of bread, green tahini and hummous. It also has two eggs. It is wonderful. It is also only $13. BARGAIN.


And once more with feeling. The whole small baguette just drives me wild with carb happiness.


3 Group Espresso
199 Darlinghurst Road
Darlinghurst NSW 2000

Room 10 is a neighbourhood cafe, and given its size, guarded rather jealously from interlopers. It’s hella cute, amazing coffee and a really good menu with some different options for those jaded by the avalanche of eggs benedict around Sydney.

There are about 12 spots inside, and about the same number of crates and tables outside – Llankelly place can get a bit cold in winter but there are blankies provided for those who aren’t rugged up enough.


On this particular morning I was feeling *ahem* a little worse for wear, and craving something sweet. This almost never happens. I was very pleasantly surprised by the red rice and fruit bowl with yoghurt. There were all sorts of goodies in there like quinoa and every kind of seed, unsweetened yoghurt and rhubarb and fresh sliced fruit. Was served cold which was quite pleasant, though not what I was expecting!


Gorgeous green tea (I chose the sencha)in a covetable little teapot.


We also ordered their toasted eggs benedict with salmon (amusing considering my complaint about how ubiquitous eggs bennie is) which was served like a grilled cheese. Really delicious, I was lucky to get almost a full half of this. Somehow cooked or even warm smoked fish is my poorly self’s panacea.


The smoked salmon sandwich came in a “meal deal” with a small glass of freshly pressed OJ which definitely hit the spot. Looked and felt like a little cup of sunshine. Hangover successfully cured.


Room 10
10 Llankelly Place
Potts Point (Kings Cross)

Room 10 on Urbanspoon

There are so many cafes on the little strip at Bronte that it can be hard to choose – you walk up and down umming and ahhing trying to choose. We made the right decision on this occasion – wanting something hearty with lots of vegetables & different flavours; a buffet on a plate as it were.

The coffee was quite excellent. Rich and deep, no hint of bitterness.


I ordered the vegetarian breakfast board – feta and lovely pesto with sesame seeds, juicy meaty mushrooms, perfectly oozy poached eggs, roasted tomato and golden slabs of gorgeously squeaky haloumi. Not cheap at $17 but did count for 2 meals after all 😉

Only let down was the kind of boring white bread, forgot to ask for an alternative so my own fault really!


BF had more of those amazing mushrooms, haloumi, spinach, poached eggs and hommous ($15). He raved about the mushrooms too.


Love the little planks/surfboards the food came on. Would definitely eat again, but maybe share next time – if I wasn’t so hungry!

Cafe Q
469 Bronte Road
Bronte Beach

Cafe Q on Urbanspoon

I concur with the hobbits on the vital need for second breakfast. Sometimes there is even need for a third breakfast. On this particular chilly morning in Melbourne though I kept it to two.

First at the lovely Min Lokal where rather wonderfully there were 4 vegetarian savoury breakfast options – highly unusual.


It’s an unassuming little place and pleasantly uncrowded even in peak Melbourne weekend hours, but nice and cosy with a cute courtyard (for braver souls than me in this weather!).

I had poached eggs with fried mushrooms, ricotta and truffle oil. The perfectly meaty mushrooms and gently golden ricotta were lovely, oozy poached eggs & divine little walnut crunchies and shredded basil ribbons added colour and texture.

Then another little wander and we were at Dench Bakers. Hard to choose out of such a gorgeous selection..


.. but the coque Suisse was calling to me. It was the best I have ever had, flaky buttery pastry with mountains of plump sultanas inside, and caramelised ones on the edges. Would eat again, every day if I could!


Min Lokal
Address: 422 George St, Fitzroy VIC 3065
Phone:(03) 9417 0333

Dench Bakers
Address: 109 Scotchmer St, Fitzroy North VIC 3065
Phone:(03) 9403 5333

Easily my favourite cafe in Melbourne is the wonderful mina no ie in Collingwood.

This Japanese inspired place is sister of the also gorgeous Cibi in Collingwood. Cibi also sells homewares but mina is just a really simple, gorgeously sunny place with an open kitchen.

Their sencha tea is lovely, but Bonsoy flat white was impossible to pass up. Fabulous coffee.


Their baked eggs with sweet miso and eggplant and pumpkin and provolone are the stuff of dreams. Sweet and creamy and salty. Possibly the best breakfast in the world.


Lunch menu starts at 11:30 am.

mina no ie
33 Peel Street
Collingwood VIC

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