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In anticipation of running the Blackmores half marathon tomorrow i’ve made a batch of my homemade gel – might be of interest to other hippie runners.

I’m a whole foods lover, and try stick as close as possible to things that are not in packets, or have labels with only a couple of ingredients.

When I started training for my first marathon I tried a couple of Gu gels because it seemed the thing to do. A few things were apparent:

1. They were expensive. At $3-4 a pop fueling for a long run became a real cost.
2. They generate annoying sticky rubbish to either carry with you or try find a bin for.
3. They taste gross. I tried a few and frankly eww.
4. The list of ingredients has things whose identity was
5. My stomach did not like them. At all.

So I did what any sensible person does: I asked google for alternatives. There are quite a few sites with complicated recipes involving powdered this and that – but I wanted something as close to a real food as possible.

I came up with the following:
– 5-10% blackstrap molasses
– 45% brown rice syrup
– 45-50% honey
– generous pinch of salt

20130921-150945.jpg It’s pretty tasty, you mainly taste the honey but the dark mineraliness of the molasses comes through too.

I carry this in a little squeezy tube that I got from Paddy Pallin. In a half marathon this is sufficient with a generous squeeze into my mouth every half hour.

In a full I use homemade energy drink for the first half, then water & homemade gel the second half.

The three ingredient jars cost less than $20 from the health food store & make tons & tons of gel.


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