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#eattherainbow – my favorite cuisine

As a mainly vegetarian for many years I sometimes run out of inspiration, or get in a food rut. Often the solution to this is a good cookbook (like Plenty by Ottolenghi) but more recently my solution has been to #eattherainbow.

The scientific basis for it might be rubbish, but it is a great way to put together a plant based meal that looks great, and gets you eating new things.

For each meal I try get in some purple, red, yellow, green and white.

Instagram trawling provides some nice ideas for what this might look like. Here are some pics of random meals I’ve thrown together along these lines.

Japanese style with spicy tofu, soba and enoki soup, Chinese broccoli with togarashi, seasoned laver and purple asparagus.

Beetroot slaw, chèvre, seeds and sumac salad with boiled new potatoes.

Kale, zucchini and onion, beetroot & feta bruschetta, sweet potato fries.

Red cabbage salad with tomato, cucumber, crispy fried shallots, green herbs, cucumber and yuzu dressing.

Burghul stuffed caps, saffron cauliflower, sweet potato, cucumber & cottage cheese salad etc.


Let’s do Lunch @ Cara & Co

This Let’s Do lunch was advertised as follows: Choose from lamb a la dolce vita; lamb shoulder, sweet potato, plum and early grey tea or No Animals were harmed; gnocchi, celeriac, carrot and beetroot.

That’s not exactly what we had on the day, but it was still wonderful.

First two tiny white pastilles on the table were rehydrated into hand towels. They got there just in time, DS was hungry and looked set to eat one of them – thinking, or perhaps just hoping, that it was just a very dry mint.


Gorgeously presented butter.


And the bread that accompanied it (or should that be the other way around?)


Amuse bouche of Green Apple, borage flours, crab and crumbs. Lovely jellied orbs, though an odd choice with vegetarian main.


Brown Brothers wine. Fine but nothing exciting.


Vegetarian option was this wonderful wild mushroom risotto with asparagus. So many great deep flavours, gorgeously tender rice and peppery micro greens.


DS adored his lamb – and so pretty!


Cara & Co Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Links House & Vida Restaurant, Bowral

We recently spent the weekend in the Southern Highlands for a wedding and stayed at the lovely Links House. Apparently it’s the first hotel in Australia that had ensuite bathrooms. Fancy! We stayed in the Garden Studio which is this hella cute little cottage. It also has a bath.


It’s a B&B so breakfast is included, but not basket of stale viennoiserie to be found here thank heck. Quite a long set of choices..


The Boy had moroccan eggs which were served with dukkah and hommous.


I couldn’t pass up the eggs with roasted vegetables, Turkish toast, and onion jam. Not a bad way to start the day.


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Sunday Runday – Sydney 21km

It was rainy and windy and horrible but I went out anyway.

Really enjoying Strava as a way to keep accountable too. Makes me much less likely to dawdle out there.

Running in the dark is really one of life’s great pleasures – particularly through the amazing Centennial Park.

Sydney 21km

Bicheno, Tasmania – gateway to Frecinet & more

We headed up to Freycinet for some nice walks and relaxation and hit by chance on staying in Bicheno. Most of the places closer to Freycinet are self catering or posh or both. Bicheno on the other hand is a very sweet little town, with a lovely small harbour and it’s own blowhole.


We had lovely evening and early morning walks around the headlands, enjoying the gorgeous views and these flowers which spiked the air with the smell of honey.


Dinner was at “Pork’s Place”. When in a place like Bicheno it seems best to keep it simple.


We got takeaway fish and chips and ate them while watching the sun set over the bay. Handcut chips and perfectly cooked super crunchy fish. Not bad for under $10.


For dessert Pork’s does these giant icecream cones for $2 – choice of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. The lady said that chocolate was the runaway favourite but I find it hard to pass up that fake strawberry goodness.


Breakfast was a bit more fancy – at the Blue Edge Bakery in town.


I had these wonderful swiss brown mushrooms on toast.


Really good coffee. Actually all the coffee in Tasmania was pretty great.


Rhubarb and strawberry tart for afters. Very nice short pastry, and not too sweet filling.


Pork's Place on Urbanspoon
Blue Edge Bakery on Urbanspoon

Hike report: Hazards Circuit – Wineglass Bay

We drove up from Hobart specifically to see Wineglass Bay. It really is rather lovely. This little Hazard Beach circuit walk was also lovely. Took us about 4 hours all up – good news since I’d heard walking in Tasmania was really rough, and this walk really wasn’t!

Don’t look up how Wineglass Bay got its name.









Shoebox cafe, Hobart: tiny and tasty


Hella cute little fit out at this lovely little cafe. Only open weekdays though, a trap for rookie Hobart visitors.


The menu is hiding inside these books.


Great coffee, black as night, rich but unburned and served with souvenir spoons.


The boyo loved his latte too.


Scrambled eggs with rhubarb relish. Love the idea of savoury rhubarb options, gorgeous tart contrast.


Mushroom brothers – seasoned with garlic and dark soy. Delicious and sweet.

Next time would come back for lunch – menu looks wonderful!


Shoebox Cafe on Urbanspoon

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