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We went to Hobart mainly to see MONA, but it was it’s acronymous friend TMAG that was the real surprise find. It’s down towards the water, and it’s free (though donations on entry are requested). 20131008-230741.jpg


It has an art gallery section which was relatively ordinary, unless you like your art traditional, Australian or representative or all three – I don’t. The best bits though were the other bits. The natural history displays were truly lovely, particularly the presentation of stuffed animals in recreations of their national habitat.



Look at this display. Compelling and informative (different circles were different kinds of beetle.)



Great display of protest materials from Tasmania’s political past up to the present.



Loved this installation too. Though why the suit of armour has a pet bird of paradise is anyone’s guess. Reminds me of my favourite museum in the world: the Museo Fortuny in Venice.



If you have the flu
You know what to do
Get some laksa into you!

(At Hunter Malay Chinese)

I favour the vegetable laksa with extra tofu (and a bib to save your shirt). Easily less than $10 for a meal that will set you right & bust that head cold.

Add extra chillies in oil for added efficacy.


If going for lunch go either at 12 noon or after 1.30pm unless you love to queue.

Hunter Malay Chinese
1/50-58 Hunter St, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9231 6788

Malay Chinese Takeaway on Urbanspoon

Shakshuka is all the rage right now. The next hip breakfast thing. Which is good, because corn cakes and bircher had their fair share of time. Also good because it’s healthy and generally vegetarian friendly.

Three group espresso on Darlinghurst Road is a tiny little place – 4 tables with a seat on each side. Most of their traffic is in the coffee takeaways but I personally think the people who choose not to duck inside are missing out.

As well as coffee they do this. It is called an LSD – latte soy dandelion. If you see something like this on a menu you practically have to order it. Was nice, kind of like a latte, but a bit sweeter and less coffee-ish.


Here’s the proper business though. Just lovely – strong and rounded and a tiny smidge burnt.


I go to this place so often here is shakshuka from 2 seperate occasions. Only difference is one time I got multigrain baguette, and white the other.

They only have the one kind of shakshuka – with onions, tomato and capsicum and served with a whole loaf of bread, green tahini and hummous. It also has two eggs. It is wonderful. It is also only $13. BARGAIN.


And once more with feeling. The whole small baguette just drives me wild with carb happiness.


3 Group Espresso
199 Darlinghurst Road
Darlinghurst NSW 2000

On Saturday we did something I think there should be far more of – we went on a long walk with nowhere particular in mind. Across the Harbour Bridge, round and about Blues Point eventually arriving totally by accident at the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability.


I can’t believe I grew up on the north side and had no idea this place existed. It is totally rad. Amazing views in a hodge podge of old buildings and with the tunnel of the coal loader open to wander through.

Until the end of this weekend it will be showing the North Sydney Art Prize. You should go, lots of fun art outside and inside in a lovely setting. We also scored free wine but that might not permanently be on offer – there is however a cute cafe.

Walking through the spooky coal loader tunnel was the highlight.

But the art was pretty great too, love these little worms.


These brass seedlings in pomegranate pots were quite sweet too.


And what’s not to love about this!?


If you have spare time this weekend I would definitely recommend this. If you don’t then add it to the diary for next year?

The Queen Victoria markets always make me want to move to Melbourne. We have great places in Sydney but this place really has it all, and for cheap!

My love affair is mainly with the vegetables – some of which (hello Romanesco broccoli) you can never get in Sydney.

20130622-183344.jpg Okra and snake beans by the kilo – awesome.

Enormous celeriac, enough Remoulade for a party..
Three kinds of locally grown eschallots – the red ones on the right hand side were particularly lovely.
Giant tower of low salt Italian anchovies looking mighty odd.
Gerookde paling! Love it. Finally I can get some smoked eel in Sydney – the BF will be thrilled..
It’s walking distance from anywhere in town. Grab some cheese and bread and vegies and fruit and some local wine and you have a perfect picnic.

Japanese rice balls – onigiri – are my favourite snack in the whole world. If it was up to me all those places doing sushi rolls would be forced to also sell onigiri. They feature heavily in Japanese TV and movies – Cutie Honey refuels her powers using them, and Tadokoro Sachiko in Boss eats them almost every episode. In the Tokyo Marathon not only was the most popular costume with the crowd the onigiri hat (with swathes of people chanting o-ni-gi-ri! as he ran past) but some people also gave out salty onigiri as fuel on the course.

Fresh and sticky with no need for soy sauce they can be wrapped with crunchy seaweed, or nothing at all. Some are filled, but my favourites have just some flavouring mixed through, either shiso or japanese purple basil or shiitake mushrooms are all good.
In Sydney so far I have two go to places. Love to hear about any others!

The Japanese Konbini behind Woolworths at Town Hall – homemade and nicely salty. Only a small amount available every day. Flavour here is Japanese purple basil. Around $2 depending on filling.





Middle level of Hunter Connection – Ooh, Rice! Lots of choice of fillings, crunchy nori – Japanese basil flavour again (but tried shiitake too which was delicious) $2.50 each.




Bondi has some quite excellent op shopping – fancy vintage places & more DTE places like Vinnies (who could resist this hand mouse?).

Touristy stores also have some hilarious finds – like this shark esky lid.


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