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European Christmas season brings a whole bunch of things in their real forms that we don’t have in Oz – here’s my first mistletoe for instance..

This year I had requests from my little brother & others for the good chocolate slices for sandwiches for the market – a kilo of chocolate later..

Then the perfect early lunch – did someone say oyster degustation?

Waiting to be shucked.

What a gorgeous sight on heirloom oyster plates with a glass of cava. All their liquor intact, the Speciale Gillardeau was definitely the stand out. This place also does wonderful homemade shrimp croquettes.





Where Salamanca Market was a bit blah, the Farmers Gate Market ticked all the boxes and then some. It’s a pretty good reason to move to Hobart actually, and the local clearly love it.

The edible flower posies were on a stall where every plant was edible. Saw staff from Garagistes having a look, clearly this is where the top people shop.



It’s a proper farmers market with strict rules about who can sell there. Really good guarantee of quality and guard against the generic stuff places like Salamanca end up selling.



Nice vibe at the markets with plenty of eating places and seating for Taswegians to enjoy a relaxed brunch whilst getting their vegies.



I don’t eat this of course but can imagine how much my dad would like the idea of buying good quality dripping like this.



This honey was spectacular, produced just outside Hobart and sold raw. Creamy and floral and rich.


Baby leeks! My favourite.





And this is the real reason we came – to try some of Masaki’s famous hand rolls (temaki).



Easy choice for me. The regular gave the option of adding in fresh prawns, salmon, spicy tuna or regular tuna amongst other things.





You definitely want some fresh wasabi.



Beautiful hand roll with particularly fantastic rice. This and some inari and miso made a lovely brunch.



Then time for my first scallop pie! There were none in the warmer, but we waited and waited and then – jackpot!



There’s no point talking about a scallop pie unless you’ve had one. I thought that scallops and Keen’s curry powder in a pie was an idiotic idea but have to say I was very wrong. What a treat.



Coffee and an apple pie for dessert. These guys take their coffee seriously, the long black was 50c more than the milky coffees which is rather unusual but was absolutely worth it. This pic is obvs a cap though because long blacks ain’t so photogenic.



Apple pie for afters. What a lovely brunch!

Big touristy markets aren’t really my thing. They tend to be full of knick knacks, expensive ‘antiques’ & dodgy cheap clothes where I prefer fresh foods, books and proper old junk for someone’s grandad’s basement..

Salamanca does however have some charming sides.

Lots of lovely apples – these Brazils for instance which are apparently related to Fujis. Crisp and sweet.


I read about the Hmong vegetable stalls in the wonderful Hobart that I read while there. Nice to see some great veggies even in a touristy market. Particularly enjoyed all the herbs & greens presented root side up – looked like it kept them very fresh, nifty!

These lovely semi-hemispheres of natural fruit rollups were pretty great too. Bought one for camping later in the week and it was lovely.

Mmm scallop pizza. At $8 a slice a bit steep but still looked great.

And finally and a bit surprisingly oliebollen! Last time I had these was in Antwerp at the Sinksenfoor in July 2012. Unlike those ones however these had fruit in them, apples and sultanas and more.

Delicious little snack!


Election Day in Australia means one thing – democracy sausage. Voting and sausage sizzles are now permanently linked in the Australian imaginary.

The excellent snag votes map is a crowd sourced map of which booths have sausage sizzles, cake stalls or other delights. Choose wisely.

This year my booth went above and beyond with a wonderful fete. The booth is Darlinghurst Public School – a lovely inner city public school which clearly has a very active group of parents.

Polling goes from 8am to 6pm (voting is compulsory).

20130908-113216.jpg The most important part; the sausage sizzle or in this case the haloumi & egg sizzle.

20130908-113144.jpg Mmm, delicious democracy.

20130908-113222.jpgThe cake stand was very impressive with an enormous variety of cakes, cookies & more – all home made.

20130908-113227.jpgI had these wonderful afghan cookies for morning tea.

20130908-113233.jpgGorgeous Victoria sponge, very tempting.

20130908-113241.jpgReally cute murals above the bubblers, wish my primary school was like this!

20130908-113300.jpgThere were also pottery stalls, clothing, paper craft and this amazing flower stall with ‘tussie mussies’ – mixed posys which have special meanings & are intended to be given as gifts. Lovely.


Winter weekends in the Mountains are a given – crisp skies for perfect bushwalking and cosy little pubs with open fires for afterwards.

Perusing twitter before a planned weekend around Katoomba and Leura I was thrilled to find notice of a proper farmers market on the way. I say proper because there seem to be a proliferation of “farmers markets” – like the one in the Rocks in Sydney for instance – where the only produce present is olives and jars of jam. Condiments do not a farmers market make!

The market at Glenbrook Infants School was not big but it ticked all the boxes, nice produce, good variety at reasonable prices and some special finds. Trust the twitter brains trust to come through with the delicious goods.


The wattle was out, awww.


Golden baby beetroots here were particularly lovely (if not that cheap!), they’re still a relatively rare sight in Sydney.


And look at this beautiful purple lacy kale. Almost worthy of going into a vase.


This particular baked goods stall was wonderful and obscenely cheap – I got the pecan pie pictured below from here for the princely sum of $2.00. They were selling “Belgian Lemon Teacake” which as a Belgian I am quite sure is not a thing – having never seen it there but which I am sure would go down a treat with my grandmother.


This goats cheese was fabulous too, really nice selection of curds and cheeses. I also got to see pictures and videos of the goats playing about at home courtesy the nice guy running the stall, his teenaged daughter was mortified of course. Adorable.


The pecan pie-let. One of the best $2 I have ever spent. *swoon*



Definitely worth a visit if you’re heading into the Mountains – grab some apples and cheese and nice bread and maybe a little pecan pie for morning tea!

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