The ferry to MONA is such a lovely and picturesque start to the day that you can’t help but expect great things. I recommend pre-booking as some ferries sell out. The 9.30am one worked well for us.



Cute but not perhaps overly comfortable seating on the ferry.



Sexy ferry is sexy.



There’s art of course. An amazing collection. And most of it thankfully unphotographable. Nothing between you and the experience except..


… your oPod. Each museum entrant gets one of these and a set of earphones. It guides you through and provides background, music and observations on the art. I did my first circuit of the gallery without it which was great – just looking and enjoying the art without giving a damn who did it. Then second time I looked at the guide to get a sense of how the collection fit together, and why David Walsh collected what he did.



We played ping pong too. Easier than it might seem, despite the pitfalls.



Lunch at the museum cafe seemed the go. Lovely view and nice and chilled outside area.



There were two salads of the day so I got both. Delicious!



Rooster friend came by for a chat. He was later escorted off the premises by a security guard. Tasmania really is its own world.



We prefaced the final round of the galleries with a Lark whisky from the subterranean bar. The perfect match for a museum all about darkness.