Where Salamanca Market was a bit blah, the Farmers Gate Market ticked all the boxes and then some. It’s a pretty good reason to move to Hobart actually, and the local clearly love it.

The edible flower posies were on a stall where every plant was edible. Saw staff from Garagistes having a look, clearly this is where the top people shop.



It’s a proper farmers market with strict rules about who can sell there. Really good guarantee of quality and guard against the generic stuff places like Salamanca end up selling.



Nice vibe at the markets with plenty of eating places and seating for Taswegians to enjoy a relaxed brunch whilst getting their vegies.



I don’t eat this of course but can imagine how much my dad would like the idea of buying good quality dripping like this.



This honey was spectacular, produced just outside Hobart and sold raw. Creamy and floral and rich.


Baby leeks! My favourite.





And this is the real reason we came – to try some of Masaki’s famous hand rolls (temaki).



Easy choice for me. The regular gave the option of adding in fresh prawns, salmon, spicy tuna or regular tuna amongst other things.





You definitely want some fresh wasabi.



Beautiful hand roll with particularly fantastic rice. This and some inari and miso made a lovely brunch.



Then time for my first scallop pie! There were none in the warmer, but we waited and waited and then – jackpot!



There’s no point talking about a scallop pie unless you’ve had one. I thought that scallops and Keen’s curry powder in a pie was an idiotic idea but have to say I was very wrong. What a treat.



Coffee and an apple pie for dessert. These guys take their coffee seriously, the long black was 50c more than the milky coffees which is rather unusual but was absolutely worth it. This pic is obvs a cap though because long blacks ain’t so photogenic.



Apple pie for afters. What a lovely brunch!