We went to Hobart mainly to see MONA, but it was it’s acronymous friend TMAG that was the real surprise find. It’s down towards the water, and it’s free (though donations on entry are requested). 20131008-230741.jpg


It has an art gallery section which was relatively ordinary, unless you like your art traditional, Australian or representative or all three – I don’t. The best bits though were the other bits. The natural history displays were truly lovely, particularly the presentation of stuffed animals in recreations of their national habitat.



Look at this display. Compelling and informative (different circles were different kinds of beetle.)



Great display of protest materials from Tasmania’s political past up to the present.



Loved this installation too. Though why the suit of armour has a pet bird of paradise is anyone’s guess. Reminds me of my favourite museum in the world: the Museo Fortuny in Venice.