Big touristy markets aren’t really my thing. They tend to be full of knick knacks, expensive ‘antiques’ & dodgy cheap clothes where I prefer fresh foods, books and proper old junk for someone’s grandad’s basement..

Salamanca does however have some charming sides.

Lots of lovely apples – these Brazils for instance which are apparently related to Fujis. Crisp and sweet.


I read about the Hmong vegetable stalls in the wonderful Hobart that I read while there. Nice to see some great veggies even in a touristy market. Particularly enjoyed all the herbs & greens presented root side up – looked like it kept them very fresh, nifty!

These lovely semi-hemispheres of natural fruit rollups were pretty great too. Bought one for camping later in the week and it was lovely.

Mmm scallop pizza. At $8 a slice a bit steep but still looked great.

And finally and a bit surprisingly oliebollen! Last time I had these was in Antwerp at the Sinksenfoor in July 2012. Unlike those ones however these had fruit in them, apples and sultanas and more.

Delicious little snack!