In Australia often the mark of a new city is the quality of its cafes. These do tend to be where you can feel a city’s pulse – how worldly it is and how much it has found it’s own culinary voice. On these indicators based on Pigeon Cafe alone Hobart is doing very well.

The shuttle bus from the airport went past on the way to our hotel, and boy am I glad it did!


Love a blackboard menu and this on has a great mix of new and unfamiliar things, at great prices (for a Sydney diner where $15+ breakfasts are the norm).


Couldn’t resist the raclette panino with onion agrodolce. Sweet and salty and oozy and crunchy – basically the perfect grilled cheese.


The Boy had baked eggs with talleggio & preserved lemons. Beautiful & with store made organic bread.


Coffee as great too, rich and strong but not bitter. Lovely sweet milk too.


A touch of history in the toilets.


The counter cabinets which would prove too tempting later..


… Practically forcing me to get this divine little rye bruschetta with fresh mozzarella, white anchovy & borage flowers.


Fresh salt crusted white baguette, out of the oven only half am hour before. Truly in the top 10 loaves I have has in my life. Would eat again!


What a lovely & welcoming entry to Hobart. And if the staff at Pigeon & other places are a guide, it’s true that Tasmanians are far more friendly than us mainlanders.

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