For the amount of coastline this city has it often amazes me how few places there are with water views. There are some of course but many are expensive or for tourists or both.

The Bird and Bear Boathouse is neither. It’s a perfect summer early brunch spot – as good as having your own boat really.


Isn’t that just a lovely sight?


The view from my table was a little distracting, this is why I didn’t finish the cryptic (and DS does super hard clues).


Post brekkie kayak anyone?


They serve T2 teas (bags) and great coffee.


Unfortunately due to some renovations the kitchen is currently closed. In the meantime there are pastries to be had, and muffins and stuff but frankly who orders a muffin when there are enormous almond croissants? These were actually surprisingly good, with tons of crunchy almonds and marzipan like paste.


The healthier option was the bircher – studded with pepitas and other seeds, topped with a creamy yoghurt and mixed berries (from frozen).

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