Definitely missed to boat on this place. It’s been around for ages but I only spotted it recently – it’s on a bit of Sussex Street I just don’t walk down generally – but glad I finally did.

I wanted the bento which at $14.90 and with tons of sides looked great, but sadly they were sold out. Instead got some Japanese spaghetti and a couple of smaller dishes to share.

The agedashi tofu was wonderful, three giant pieces with lots of great sauce and crispy coating.


The seafood salad was pretty big, could eat this as a whole meal. Good dressing and generous serves of chopped salmon and tuna and mayonnaise. Modern Japanese for sure, but so tasty.

My dad went wild for these gyoza – not often you get vegetarian gyoza in Sydney so I was happy and the super crunchy outsides were really wonderful.


This was the best though –