We didn’t really mean to end up at Orto Trading Co – the plan was to meet at Devon Cafe but of course there was a queue and in a bright spark moment I suggested we check out Orto seeing as it was basically around the corner.

What a pleasant surprise! The space is gloriously bright and airy, almost Scandinavian in its feel. The food however was great Sydney style breakfasts – with great new takes on classics & quite a few good vegetarian choices.



I was feeling a little worse for wear so baked eggs were just the thing – pumpkin roasted until just sweet, slivers of shiny grilled red capsicum, creamy goats cheese, still wobbly orange yolks and punchy juicy little tomatoes. AND two pieces of demse dark toast – what a feast!


The boys had crispy zucchini cakes with oozy haloumi & a crisp quick pickled carrot. Springtime feels right there.


We also noticed a tasty sounding breakfast cocktail menu, and the option to reserve tables. Can’t think of any other place in Surry Hills that is so good where you can book – would be lovely for a birthday brunch..

Orto Trading Co
38-55 Waterloo Street
Surry Hills
tel: 0431212453

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