The first time I made ricotta I was blown away how simple it was. That said, it doesn’t work out particularly cheaper to make it yourself.

Haloumi however seems to be a different matter. I saw this recipe on the Guardian website & was struck that what is probably my favourite thing to BBQ looked so simple to make.

Apart from usual kitchen things all it needs it vegetarian rennet & a thermometer. I bought both of these on eBay for about $6.00 each & of course they can be used again. The milk I used was a gorgeous 2L of Jersey milk short dated @ Harris Farm and therefore on special for $3.64 – made just over a usual packet size of haloumi – not bad value overall.

I followed the recipe exactly so I won’t repeat it here, but I do want to recommend you try it. I did however make it 1/5 of the original size, who buys 10 litres of milk?

Here are the drained curds before the final poaching stage.


And the end result fried and golden and glorious.


And here’s a link to the recipe again. Bookmark it for later?

Don’t forget to save the whey, it can be used to make a particularly nice & I fussy ciabatta.