Election Day in Australia means one thing – democracy sausage. Voting and sausage sizzles are now permanently linked in the Australian imaginary.

The excellent snag votes map is a crowd sourced map of which booths have sausage sizzles, cake stalls or other delights. Choose wisely.

This year my booth went above and beyond with a wonderful fete. The booth is Darlinghurst Public School – a lovely inner city public school which clearly has a very active group of parents.

Polling goes from 8am to 6pm (voting is compulsory).

20130908-113216.jpg The most important part; the sausage sizzle or in this case the haloumi & egg sizzle.

20130908-113144.jpg Mmm, delicious democracy.

20130908-113222.jpgThe cake stand was very impressive with an enormous variety of cakes, cookies & more – all home made.

20130908-113227.jpgI had these wonderful afghan cookies for morning tea.

20130908-113233.jpgGorgeous Victoria sponge, very tempting.

20130908-113241.jpgReally cute murals above the bubblers, wish my primary school was like this!

20130908-113300.jpgThere were also pottery stalls, clothing, paper craft and this amazing flower stall with ‘tussie mussies’ – mixed posys which have special meanings & are intended to be given as gifts. Lovely.