I wanted to go to Ippudo for a while, but it often takes longer to get to that place that always has lines out the front – you have to have enough time for the meal *and* for the queuing.

We finally made it to Ippudo after a morning yoga class in our gym just around the corner (Virgin Active) and were pleased to be inside within about 5 minutes. It’s a lovely dark glossy space, pretty loud but not too oppressive.

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The fluffy buns with crispy prawns were wonderful. So often these kind of bao are meat options only and us little pescetarians or vegos miss out – this was a wonderful exception. I would eat these EVERY DAY if I could.

IPPUDO SHRIMP BUN $5 一風堂シュリンプバン Steamed bun with deep fried shrimp and IPPUDO original sauce.

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If you have a pickled cucumber on your menu I will order it. I love the freshness.

GOMA Q $7 胡麻きゅうり Japanese cucumber with sesame sauce.

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And then the piece de resistance – the vegetarian ramen. This was one of the weirdest things I have ever eaten – ramen with cornflakes and yoghurt and nuts and fruit and salad and more. It was surprisingly delicious even if I made little noises of surprise after every bite.

I am immensely sad to say that this does not appear to be on their menu any more. Major sad face.

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My boy got the more traditional ramen and made many happy noises while slurping it. Ippudo has quite a selection of noodle thicknesses and their noodles are a bit more al dente than the usual ramen shop offerings.

I had a tiny slurp of the broth and it was everything it should be – thick and salty, though too porky for me.

HIROMARU TAMAGO $17 白丸玉子 Shiromaru with flavoured egg

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