Shakshuka is all the rage right now. The next hip breakfast thing. Which is good, because corn cakes and bircher had their fair share of time. Also good because it’s healthy and generally vegetarian friendly.

Three group espresso on Darlinghurst Road is a tiny little place – 4 tables with a seat on each side. Most of their traffic is in the coffee takeaways but I personally think the people who choose not to duck inside are missing out.

As well as coffee they do this. It is called an LSD – latte soy dandelion. If you see something like this on a menu you practically have to order it. Was nice, kind of like a latte, but a bit sweeter and less coffee-ish.


Here’s the proper business though. Just lovely – strong and rounded and a tiny smidge burnt.


I go to this place so often here is shakshuka from 2 seperate occasions. Only difference is one time I got multigrain baguette, and white the other.

They only have the one kind of shakshuka – with onions, tomato and capsicum and served with a whole loaf of bread, green tahini and hummous. It also has two eggs. It is wonderful. It is also only $13. BARGAIN.


And once more with feeling. The whole small baguette just drives me wild with carb happiness.


3 Group Espresso
199 Darlinghurst Road
Darlinghurst NSW 2000