Room 10 is a neighbourhood cafe, and given its size, guarded rather jealously from interlopers. It’s hella cute, amazing coffee and a really good menu with some different options for those jaded by the avalanche of eggs benedict around Sydney.

There are about 12 spots inside, and about the same number of crates and tables outside – Llankelly place can get a bit cold in winter but there are blankies provided for those who aren’t rugged up enough.


On this particular morning I was feeling *ahem* a little worse for wear, and craving something sweet. This almost never happens. I was very pleasantly surprised by the red rice and fruit bowl with yoghurt. There were all sorts of goodies in there like quinoa and every kind of seed, unsweetened yoghurt and rhubarb and fresh sliced fruit. Was served cold which was quite pleasant, though not what I was expecting!


Gorgeous green tea (I chose the sencha)in a covetable little teapot.


We also ordered their toasted eggs benedict with salmon (amusing considering my complaint about how ubiquitous eggs bennie is) which was served like a grilled cheese. Really delicious, I was lucky to get almost a full half of this. Somehow cooked or even warm smoked fish is my poorly self’s panacea.


The smoked salmon sandwich came in a “meal deal” with a small glass of freshly pressed OJ which definitely hit the spot. Looked and felt like a little cup of sunshine. Hangover successfully cured.


Room 10
10 Llankelly Place
Potts Point (Kings Cross)

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