Normally tending towards the vegetarian parts of the menu means slightly healthier restaurant choices – salads and pasta with vegetable, maybe a little cheese for flavour.

Cafe Sopra blows that out of the water. My go to dishes there are so deliriously decadent that they will have you swimming in cream and Gorgonzola dreams for hours after.

To start with you’ll need the fried polenta with mushrooms and Gorgonzola ($20). Share it if you must and get a salad on the side. The crunchy polenta with its smooth interior is nicely swamped in creamy blue cheesy goodness with mushrooms and just enough mouldy bite to keep it interesting.


Then because too much is never enough, you’ll need the Bannoffee Torta ($14.50). You could share this too I suppose. Biscuit base, caramel, bananas and whipped cream and through some amazing alchemy you get this incredible pie. Something so luscious and trashy about it that keeps me coming back again and again.


All the locations for Cafe Sopra are lovely. I tend to frequent Hickson Road for pre-Sydney theatre dining, or Potts Point for neighbourhood loveliness.

Cafe Sopra

81 Macleay Street
Potts Point

16 Hickson Rd
Walsh Bay