Bistro Bruno is one of those rare neighborhood gems that has been a favourite of Balmain locals for a long time.

It’s ‘modern Australian’ food, more the European end of this concept than the fusion end. A good place for people with relatively conservative palates and fatter wallets – entrees come in just under $20 and mains hover around $30. It’s also quite meat and seafood heavy. Despite all the above this was quite a fantastic meal.


The bread was freshly baked and still toasty warm, nicely sweet yeasted bread with nuts – pleasant almost cakey texture.


Salad of medley tomatoes, beetroot, kale pesto & crumbed bocconcini ($17)

This was pretty good, the kale pesto and fried bocconcini were the standouts with some decent fresh tomato and roasted beetroot. Nothing revolutionary, but tasty.


Potato Gnocchi, cauliflower & parmesan puree, florets, pinenuts & raisins ($16.5/$26.5)

These were the BEST gnocchi I have ever had in my life. And I lived in Rome. Tender little pillows with a dense taste of nutmeg and butter, served with caramelised cauliflower and pine nuts on a cheesy puree.


Side dishes are my way to get decent amounts of vegetables in a meal. Even eating mainly vegetarian restaurants can tend to leave me craving more vegies (7 serves a day y’all!).

Steamed green vegetables, toasted almonds, preserved lemon ($8) was a nice burst of fresh crunchy greens.


Radicchio, walnut, pear & quince salad, blue cheese dressing ($8) was also rather good, though the presentation with the whole leaves like this made it tricky to eat daintily..


Finally I had Orange & Cinnamon Brulee, pistachio biscotti ($14.5) which was good, though rather steeply priced. The custard had a nice orange flavour but was relatively restrained. Next time I would order the clafoutis instead, it came in its own little pan and with icecream.


The boy ordered this lovely Kingpin Red Ale – which was absolutely delicious.

Bistro Bruno
3 Beattie Street
Balmain NSW
02 9810 7707

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