My mum is an import to Australia (as am I obviously) which lead to some amusing dissonances in my childhood. We just didn’t exactly fit in, which always made me feel special.

My favourite thing when I was a kid was how when the other mothers were sipping Chardonnay and making salads, Mum was hanging around the BBQ with a beer in hand, laughing and arguing politics.

My other favourite thing was that when asked to bring a plate she invariably made these delicious roasted capsicums – not the pasta salads and the like that haunted such occasions. They were approached in the 80s as something remarkably exotic, but now are just comforting and simple and tasty!


I make the recipe with whatever coloured capsicums are available and cheap. The green ones are my least favourite though, mainly do them for colour.

You will need:
Olive oil
Garlic – chopped finely
Oregano – chopped finely
Capers – chopped
Anchovies – chopped (optional)


1. Set the oven up high – 250c or so is fine

2. Chop capsicums into big flat pieces, discard stem and seeds. Place skin up on baking tray (on foil if you want easier clean up).

3. Place in oven, cook till skins are charred and puff up (about 20 minutes)

4. Remove from oven and cover with tea towel or place capsicums into a plastic bag.

5. When cool peel the skin off. If it’s hard to remove then next time you might need to leave them in longer.

6. Lay them on a serving plate, scatter garlic, oregano, capers and anchovies if using, then drizzle with EVOO.

Eat as is or on crackers or bread, also good on pizza. Personally I think they are even better the next day!