Running cities other than your own can be an unnerving experience where your internal compass is out of action after a few turns. Luckily my fruit phone can lead me back to home base but I often favour an out and back to avoid getting too lost.

Early morning Melbourne is perfect for a run, the city is slow to wake on weekend so you have the streets to yourself a fair bit. If you’re like me you will also have gorged on delicious cheeses & things and will really feel like a run.

I ran from Collingwood to the Yarra River Trail and then backtracked – ended up being about a 12km out and back, perfectly flat and gorgeously crisp.

Hot air balloons in the distance were a lovely surprise.


Running by the Yarra – not pictured are the rowers gliding along the water looking very cold. This trail is quite windy so easy to get decent distances without ending too far from home.


Gorgeous little bridge.


Incidental benefit is seeing some of these great painted traffic signal boxes that reminded me of the ones we have over here in Paddington/Woollahra.