I love food shopping – particularly for specialty things, spices and herbs, pickled vegetables, sauces, fake meats and more. It’s frivolous because really “do I *need* a tube of Harissa?” but practical because hey, it’s food and I will eat it.

Gewurzhaus in Melbourne is lots of fun for this, it’s a spice shop, but so much more.

Wonders include:
Hot chocolate mixes
Gingerbread & mulled wine spices
Curry spices & blends
Every kind of salt ever
Marinade blends
Flavoured sugars
Loose leaf teas
Gorgeous tableware & spice accessories
Bacon candy
Stone ground Mexican vegan chocolate

Black lava salt. Amazing.

20130625-093847.jpgBacon candies sound gross but gumballs is a new low. Great stocking fillers though..

20130625-093907.jpg Ground chocolate – we tried 3 just to be sure. Delicious, though the graininess took some getting used to.

We bought “Bratkartoffel” spice – package said to fry it up with butter, potatoes and onions. We did, and it was amazing.

342 Lygon Street
Carlton VIC 3053
tel:+61 3 9023 1028